Synthetic Pitch Maintenance in Knightsridge

Synthetic Pitch Maintenance in Knightsridge

When a sports surface startes holding water, it can be because the sand infill is contaminated. If this has happened, the pitch will probably need a rejuvenation.

Sports Pitch Rejuvenation in Knightsridge

Sports Pitch Rejuvenation in Knightsridge

A sports pitch rejuvenation involves removing the old dirty sand and replacing it with new clean sand and then inserting it all around the surface.

Sports Surface Maintenance in Knightsridge

Sports Surface Maintenance in Knightsridge

There are two types of maintenance, proactive and reactive. We recommend that you are proactive with your cleaning plan as this can prevent the need of specialist maintenance being carried out to restore the sports surface.

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All Weather Pitch Maintenance in Knightsridge

All weather pitch maintenance in Knightsridge EH54 8 is vital to keep the synthetic astroturf performing to its consistent best. On a sand or rubber filled artificial pitch it is important to keep an eye out and make sure that infill’s are at their correct compaction and level. Failure to do so could have a negative impact on safety, drainage and playing characteristics. Whether the all-weather pitch be a 2G sand filled or sand dressed or a 3G/4G sand and rubber infill grass facility it's crucial to maintain the correct level of infill to keep the manmade turf at its optimum level of performance. If infill levels are too high or too low it can having a damaging effect on the manmade grass causing them to wear down and reduce the length of the pile height.

For more information on maintaining an all-weather pitch, please contact our team using the enquiry form on this page. We can offer you details on prices for professional upkeep services and let you know the best ways to keep your surfacing in the top condition.

Artificial Turf Rejuvenation

As mentioned before, if infill becomes too compacted in the carpet it can hinder drainage. This particularly happens on second generation all-weather pitches such as sand filled artificial pitches, the reason behind this happening is the use of incorrect or muddy footwear. When players are travelling round the all-weather facility the mud leaves the boot and is then trodden into the manmade turf along with the sand causing it not to be porous and therefore not SuDS compliant meaning water will pool. To correct this it's possible for the all-weather field to undergo a rejuvenation meaning that the existing sand is removed from the artificial carpet and replaced with new clean rounded silica sand.

We always suggest thinking about a maintenance and upkeep servicing plan when you have any type of all weather surfacing construction in Knightsridge to ensure you're well prepared to look after the facility. Ways to maintain the quality of 2G astroturf, 3G and 4G artificial astroturf include a regular upkeep package, this would involve weekly or fortnightly visits to the synthetic turf facility. Within these visits the synthetic grass would be machine swept before finished with a drag mat to evenly spread and clean the all weather pitch infill all over the field. To find out more information or to discover budget prices and costs related to maintains all-weather pitches please do not hesitate to contact us.

Maintenance of Artificial Grass Surfaces in Knightsridge

Synthetic turf maintenance and upkeep is incredibly important in Knightsridge EH54 8 as it prevents the growth of moss and dirt becoming trapped within the artificial grass fibres. Once established this moss will further contribute to contamination through old growth decaying, and the problems of surface contamination and reduced playability are accelerated. It's a duty of care for the keeper of the artificial surface to regularly maintain the pitch with a drag brush to ensure the sand or rubber infill is working correctly and the surface is suitable for play.

Before having an astro surface installed and maintained in your surrounding area, it's vital that you ensure you're purchasing the product from a trusted supplier and it's then installed by a specialist astroturf surfacing company. There are many fitters across the UK who do not sell the best quality manmade grass yet claim that their turf is real looking and superior to others. It's vital that before you purchase the carpet that it meets all the desired specifications and is UV stabilised meeting all the accreditations of the governing body. As astroturf can be used for all kinds of facilities including MUGA courts, garden lawns and athletics running tracks the characteristics can vary so it's important to choose the right design.

How to Maintain Synthetic Turf Near Me

If you are interested to know how to maintain synthetic turf, it's best to follow professional methods:

  1. Drag brush the surfacing regularly
  2. Carry out deep cleaning when necessary
  3. Apply moss and algae treatments
  4. Extract and replace sand-infill
  5. Redistribute the sand to improve porosity
  6. Reline the field when needed
  7. Repair rips and tears in the surface
  8. Resurface or upgrade the surfacing when it's worn out

It's important to maintain nearby synthetic pitches and play areas to ensure your players are getting the most out of the facility closest to you. If you are interested in finding out more about maintenance and rejuvenation of sports facilities, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Sports Surface Maintenance

It is best to always have an experienced, nearby professional carry out the work for you to ensure you get have the best results from your sports surface maintenance. Many businesses near me claim they are fully qualified and knowledgeable at maintaining a synthetic turf in Knightsridge EH54 8 . As a team of experts, we understand the best ways to ensure the facility is in great condition year round and is of a high standard. You should always look at the reputation of a business as this will show you the quality that they work to and indicate how they perform. Let us know today if you would like to receive our case studies and find out more information. 

Other All Weather Services

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For more information on the equipment needed for artificial astro grass maintenance or costs, prices and advice to make sure the pitch remains in good condition, please fill out our contact form today and we will be in touch with some professional advice regarding synthetic all weather pitch maintenance in Knightsridge EH54 8 and the cost to carry out these services professionally. 

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