Suppliers of Artificial Turf

Suppliers of Artificial Turf

There are many people who supply artificial turf but we always suggest that you do a background check and research their previous work to make sure that they will carry out good installations.

Synthetic Grass Suppliers

Synthetic Grass Suppliers

We are able to install synthetic turf across the whole of the UK and we have carried out many jobs across the country.

Lawn Suppliers

Lawn Suppliers

As specialists, we are able to supply your artificial grass to a high standard, which as perfect for all facilities.

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Suppliers for Fake Artificial Garden Grass

If you're looking for suppliers for fake artificial garden grass we may help. We are professional suppliers who promise to supply and install the latest technology synthetic turf on the market however it is incredibly important to check that they have the required accreditations and credit ratings before you place an order. Our experts are able to talk you through the different artificial turf types and recommend what we think will be best for your facility. If you would like us to share our expert knowledge with you, please fill in the contact form presented on this page and we will get back to you right away. We cam offer details on pile height and weight along with the materials which we use. We are also able to alter our designs and specifications to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Artificial Grass Specification

There are many different designs and specifications of manmade lawn available therefore you must do relevant research to ensure the surface that is installed meets your requirement needs. Depending on professional lawn turf installers specifications can vary and a range of designs will be available for you to choose the perfect surface to suit budgets and preference. You can find out more regarding lawn installers here - or speak to our professionals now. The different designs and specifications artificial grass suppliers offer van vary in:

  • Pile Height – Varying fibre lengths in to suit the needs of home owners in garden.
  • Pile Weights –Varying pile weight specifications for various gardens within the UK.
  • Fibre Materials – Different materials used which are not visible to the naked eye – highlights the importance of research into what the artificial garden lawn consists of.
  • Type of Synthetic Fibres – Research into whether a fibrillated or monofilament carpet is best suited for the synthetic garden turf area.
  • Backing of the Carpet – Different specifications of backing can be used to hold fibres in place.

Each of these variables can affect the final appearance and feel the manmade lawn so it's important to discuss all the options and decide on the best choice for you. If you would like to speak to one of our nearby experts about different specifications and costs of garden turf, please complete the enquiry form with as many details as you can and we'll be in contact to answer any questions.

Supplying Synthetic Lawn Grass

When looking for a local artificial lawn supplier it's important the turf is suitable for use and meets the specification requirements. It is also possible to explore the different avenues of design including colour, softness of the lawn, budget and natural characteristics you are attempting to create.

There are many contractors within the UK who claim to use specialist manmade grass suppliers and installers however you must make certain that the synthetic turf you purchase meets your requirements and has obtained all the correct certifications. When installing the fake garden grass, it's vital that the surface is UV stabilised carpet which will not discolour in strong sunlight. We can supply and install synthetic grass surfacing in numerous locations including homes, public parks and nursery garden areas so the designs can change for each project. Please look here or let us know if you're looking for a specific design for an artificial grass area so we may help come up with a specification to meet your requirements and price range.

How to Lay Synthetic Turf Near Me

  1. Dig up current surface
  2. Install geotextile membrane
  3. Install compacted stone to correct level
  4. Install edges where needed
  5. Install screeded layer of sand and compact
  6. Lay synthetic turf carpet

These are the basic steps on how to lay synthetic turf in your surrounding area, should you go through a supply only method. However as a professional surfacing company we complete supply and install services, meaning that you can have your artificial surface installed professionally. We have a one year installation guarantee and our products are sure to last a long time, meaning that you will not have to think about a resurface. 

Artificial Grass Costs 

Each sythetic turfs we supply and install can vary depending on a number of factors. The main way the pricing for the surface can be impacted is from the area size you are wanting to have installed. Obviously if your playground is bigger, the overall cost will be higher than supplying a smaller lawn. Another way the price can vary is by the existing surface that you have in place. It can be easier to install a synthetic turf on surfaces such as concrete and tarmac compared to others which is why it's important we know the current state of your facility. If you are interested in finding out the exact price of your lawn, get in contact with us today. Let us know the budget you have in place so we know the spending limit to stay closest to. 

Other Garden Grass Services We Offer

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We can provide you with details about the specification of artificial surfaces which we supply for front and back yards. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the enquiry form provided on this page for more details regarding the surfacing. For more information regarding the costs of different synthetic lawns or prices of installation anywhere in the UK, please fill out our contact form today to receive some friendly advice about the suppliers for fake garden grass and prices of installation.


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