Fake Garden Grass

Fake Garden Grass

Fake grass is used for garden a lot recently, this is becuase people are seeing the range of benefits that come with having artificial turf installed in their home.

Artificial Turf for Gardens

Artificial Turf for Gardens

There is a variety of artificial turf to choose from, the size vary for the type of surface which you are after and what you want to end finish to look like.

Synthetic Garden Grass

Synthetic Garden Grass

As well as different sizes of synthetic grass being availiable, there is also a range of natural green colours to choose from. This can make it look natural and blend in witht the environment.

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Artificial Fake Grass For Gardens

We can install artificial fake grass for gardens to create a low maintenance area for domestic households and commercial gardens. The installation of synthetic turf or 'fake' grass as it's sometimes called is becoming increasing popular in domestic and commercial gardens in the UK.

There are a number of reasons for this including the British weather. The weather in the UK is not the greatest at the best of the time leaving natural grass areas wet and muddy and gardens unusable. The benefits of installing an fake lawn surfacing include having a SUDS compliant surface that is useable in all weathers and all year round.

To receive some product sheets and more details on the costs of synthetic garden lawn near me, please fill in our quick enquiry box so we can get back to you. Make sure you send us as many details as you can with regards to your enquiry so we may offer you tailored advice and an accurate quote.

Permeable Artificial Turf Near Me

Artificial lawns are permeable meaning water can drain through. Part of the reason behind this is the fake lawns porous sub base build up. A typical sub base build up for an artificial garden begins with excavating the existing muddy area then laying geotextile to the entire area before edging the area, once this is completed a compacted layer of MOT Type 1 stone is laid before a screed of sand is placed down with the fake astroturf surface on top. This ground build up provides you with a permeable synthetic lawn system that is free draining, meaning water can pass through the system appropriately in to the sub strata instead of causing muddy puddle build ups on the lawns surface. As we are specialist turf lawn suppliers we may advise you on all of the different options so you can choose a design which suits your budget. Other benefits of choosing to replace a natural turf area with synthetic grass one is that there is low maintenance, for example synthetic turf garden lawns do not require any watering or mowing. Find out more information here http://artificialgrass-syntheticturf.co.uk/garden-grass/fake-garden-lawn-suppliers/ or speak to our professionals today.  

What is Artificial Leisure Grass?

Artificial leisure grass is a type of synthetic surface which is made to look like natural turf. Artificial leisure grass is suitable for children and is pet friendly. A number of nearby domestic and commercial establishments have synthetic leisure carpet installed for gardens to make the area look natural. One great thing about this type of surfacing is that minimal maintenance is required, as you will not need to cut or water the astroturf. The leisure turf is also permeable meaning that water can drain through easily and the surface will not become muddy or waterlogged. 

Synthetic Lawn Specialist Specification

As fake astroturf surfaces have become more popular in gardens and lawns closest to you , the technology has also advanced. These advancements in turf mean that not only does artificial lawn perform better in wet and wintery weather conditions it has also developed a more natural look and real grass feel whilst being UV stabilised and therefore not discolored by sunlight. It is possible to install fake outdoor carpet for your gardens in your surrounding area, at different depths and pile weight to suit both your requirement and budgets. There is a wide range of depths available including:

  • 15mm synthetic garden leisure surfaces
  • 20mm astro lawn turf recreational surfacing
  • 24mm fake lawn all weather natural looking backyard flooring
  • 30mm backyard synthetic lawn garden surfaces
  • 40mm artificial garden turf surfacing

It is also possible to get different shades of green and even beige synthetic fake astroturf stands in your pile to make your garden turf look more natural as well as allowing you to personalize the look of your lawn. There is a large range of artificial grass available to match any specification and designs ideas you may have. In addition to recreational lawn surfaces, synthetic astroturf is being used a lot for outdoor MUGA sport facilities because it's a lot easier for schools and local clubs to look after compared with natural turf. It is important that you use the right supplier and installer who have obtained all the necessary certificates and accreditations in this specialised field. You can find out more regarding MUGA sport facilities here - http://artificialgrass-syntheticturf.co.uk/muga-pitch/muga-pitch-surfaces/ or fill out the contact form provided to speak to our experts. 

Artifical Grass Garden Designs

There are a range of artificial grass garden designs we can produce for you that can be constructed to fit your requirements. As experts we can create bespoke designs from the artificial lawn surfaces that we supply. Each lawn we work with is a different shape and size which means we'll need to tailor our turf to fit your current area. Synthetic grass can look good with all homes as it looks natural and fitting with the surrounding areas which can mean that you can always find a suitable design for your home or facility. To find out more information on astroturf for gardens and lawns including costs and prices please do not hesitate to contact us or click here - http://artificialgrass-syntheticturf.co.uk/ to find out everything you need to know.

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A number of people have started to think about getting astroturf installed for their front and back yards. We provide you with more details on artificial fake grass for gardens if necessary, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the enquiry form on this page. 


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