Playground Artificial Grass in Annaghmore

Playground Artificial Grass in Annaghmore

Artificial grass is excellent for playgrounds as it is easy to surround existing areas. It also doesn't get muddy and children will be able to play out on it all year.

Play Area Synthetic Turf in Annaghmore

Play Area Synthetic Turf in Annaghmore

Another great thing about synthetic turf in play areas is that when installing it, we can also put a shock pad underneath the carpet. This will make it a safer surface which meets the Critical Fall Height needed.

Installing Playground Surfacing in Annaghmore

Installing Playground Surfacing in Annaghmore

It is important that you have the best quality surfacing options available which can improve the finish of your facility and extend the life expectancy.

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Artificial Grass Garden Playground Design in Annaghmore

Fake lawn is becoming increasingly popular and you can choose your perfect Artificial Grass Garden Playground Design in Annaghmore BT62 1 in the UK as a substitute for ordinary grass as it creates a natural feel without the messiness in poor weather conditions.

It is for this reason that the astroturf is perfect for kids play-areas in a variety of different locations. The astroturf can be installed in a number of locations as a surface for children’s play-areas and this includes:

  • Nurseries – fake grassed surfacing used in many nursery playgrounds across the UK.
  • Schools – fake grassed area for children to run and play inside the school or for leisure purposes.
  • Leisure centers – Garden turf around playground equipment.
  • Gardens – fake grassed playground area in gardens to accommodate kids and prevent mess.

Synthetic Turf for Play Area Near Me

By installing a fake grass playground surface in your garden you can ensure that the flooring will be suitable for use most of the year even in poor weather conditions. The artificial turf system is porous meaning that during rain fall the fake grass and sub base allows the drainage of water making it both permeable and SuDS compliant. The manmade turf specification can additionally be designed and used for recreational golf greens in Annaghmore for domestic gardens, schools and other locations. This is a perfect surface for play-areas in gardens as it prevents muddy conditions in wet weather saving work for parents and guardians all over the country. Learn more here - to find out everything you need to know or speak to our experts today. 

Before purchasing artificial lawn from a supplier within the UK, you must first ensure that all the specialist requirement are met before a purchase and installation takes place. As well as considering how much the astroturf will cost, it is vital to check that both the supplier and installer is experienced within this field and have all the recommended certificated and accreditations for supplying and installing synthetic astroturf surfacing for children's play-areas. This is the case whether the astroturf surface is for recreational or leisure purposes.

Is Artificial Grass Good for Children's Play Areas?

Artificial grass is great for nearby children's play areas and nurseries closest to you. If there is play equipment within the children's play area, we would recommend having a shockpad installed prior to the installation of the manmade turf. Shockpads may be installed in various depths to stop the children becoming injured in the event they fall off play equipment. A shockpad will make the synthetic grass a lot safer due to the impact absorbing properties. Another reaason why synthetic turf is good for kid's playgrounds is because of it's impact absorbing properties. Since the local surface is fully porous and SuDS compliant, water can drain through the surfacing meaning that the surrounding area will not become flooded or waterlogged. The playground can also be used in all weather conditions, as the synthetic surface will not become muddy in wet weather. 

Benefits of Installing an Artificial Grass Play Area Near Me

Fake lawn may be installed to suit a wide range of different designs and specifications. The installation of astroturf in play-areas across the UK can also be installed around play equipment such as slides, swings and see-saws with an insitu rubber shock pad meeting the critical fall height (CFH) required. When fake grass is being used in kids' playgrounds, it is always recommended that a shockpad is installed in order to keep children safe from injury allowing parents the peace of mind.

Many homeowners are choosing to use this type of synthetic lawn for installing miniature putting greens in Annaghmore BT62 1 for practise in the garden and recreational use. We can supply and install specialist surfacing which is ideal for practise games of golf with kids.

How to Install Synthetic Turf in Annaghmore

If you are interested in finding out how our professionals install astroturf for playgrounds closest to you, look no further:

  1. Excavate the current surface
  2. Install geotextile membrane
  3. Stone up and install suitable sub base
  4. Install shockpad if play equipment will be present on the area
  5. Lay synthetic turf carpet for kids to play on

For more details regarding the installation process of synthetic turf, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team members. Once we receive your enquiry, which may be sent to us using the enquiry form, we will get back to you with answer to any questions or queries which you may have. We can complete the entire installation process from groundworks to laying the final surface; we can also offer details on maintenance to help you keep your facility in the best possible condition.

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