Golf Putting Greens in Alton Priors

Golf Putting Greens in Alton Priors

A lot of keen golfers have started having small putting greens in their gardens, this allows them to play and practice as much as they can.

Garden Golf Greens in Alton Priors

Garden Golf Greens in Alton Priors

Garden golf greens can be installed in any garden, as long as there is enough room. The size of the putting green will depend of the area which you have.

Artificial Putting Greens in Alton Priors

Artificial Putting Greens in Alton Priors

The garden putting greens are great for all homes and facilities that are looking to install a great feature that can draw people into your home.

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Garden Synthetic Grass Golf Putting Greens in Alton Priors

Garden synthetic grass golf putting greens in Alton Priors SN8 4 for gardens are becoming very popular especially to the keen golfer and installing a practice area in the backyard lawn is a great way to have the ability to practice all year round as the synthetic surfaces are all weather surfacing finishes.

We can install synthetic pitch and put greens for gardens in a vairiety of specifications and we are able to offer you information on the installation of this surfacing if required. Please fill in our contact form for more information regarding the golfing greens which we can install for your domestic household.

What is the Cost of an Artificial Putting Green?

The cost of an artificial putting green can vary depending on a number of different factors. One of the biggest factors which can alter the price of your recreational golf course is the size of the area you wish to install. Obviously if you're looking to install a bigger golfing green the cost to install the course will be more expensive than if you were to install a smaller golfing course. You should be aware that the cost per meter of synthetic pitch and put green carpet will be cheaper if you've got a bigger area due to the economies of scale. Another factor which can alter the price of construction is the existing surface in your surrounding area. If you've already prepared the nearby surface ready for the installation, you will find the overall cost to be cheaper than if groundworks are necessary.

Recreational Golf Course

The installation of the recreational garden golf practice areas in Alton Priors take approximately 2-3 days to complete dependent obviously on sizes and specifications. You can find out more about this here about the putting greens available closest to you. We have an array of coloured synthetic grass options available closest to you but in general the most common is a standard green coloured artificial turf. Making certain a specialist contractor is employed to carry out these installations is vital because many local suppliers, fitters, installers within the UK need to be based on best value and not solely on price because cheaper materials may be used and many customers ask ‘how much is a garden putting course’ but the real answer to that is how much are you willing to spend because designs can be tailor fit to meet your budget with regards to sizes, dimensions and also product used.

How to Construct a Golf Green Near Me

The construction of garden artificial golfing greens near me is to remove the existing natural grass and provide a suitable sub base for the fake turf to be installed. The fake turf looks like real grass and is fully porous so providing the sub strata is well draining the golfing course should be suitable in all weather conditions. UV stabilised astroturf artificial grass should always be used because outdoor external carpets under sunlight needs to be able to cope with the coloured grass and this is where the suppliers and specialists contractors should advise you on the colours as certain bright astroturf colours can fade and this is where the generic light green and dark green coloured synthetic grass is advised. Be sure to contact us if you've got any questions about the costs to install synthetic putting greens or any other hybrid surfaces and we'll get back to you with some advice.

Artificial Turf Garden Putting Golf Green in Alton Priors

Synthetic turf garden practice putting golf greens are designed to customers liking and can be any size or shape to meet the sizes, dimensions and measurements of lawn. The artificial astro turf putting greens are designed generally to have between 4-6 holes with flags within the surfacing area but this again is the choice of the client and some prefer the flooring to be perfectly flat greens where other like the undulation on the surfacing in helping them practice golfing in harder conditions. Previous garden putting course astro turf installations have all been different:

  • 4 hole golf practice area astroturf leisure surface
  • 6 hole recreational golf flooring
  • 8 hole backyard lawn golf astro turf golfing green
  • 10 hole large undulated practice garden greens
  • 12 holed golfing green area design

Plastic astro turf has evolved over the years and now is a luxurious soft underfoot grass that is not only ideal for golf playing characteristics but also pet friendly and an attractive view from the house window. Ca you get a ‘hole in one in your own garden’ or do you have the ability to ‘control ball speeds in real match play’? Well what better way than to practice in your own backyard garden. As well as installation of synthetic surfaces we can also offer maintenance services for outdoor flooring in Alton Priors to help you keep the area in top condition.

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For further costs, prices and quotes for the installation and construction of these artificial putting greens please fill in the contact form and we will be able to assist with the specifications, sizes and costs to help you. We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need to know about the installation of Garden Synthetic Grass Golf Putting Greens in Alton Priors SN8 4 for domestic gardens.

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