Constructing Multi Use Games Areas

Constructing Multi Use Games Areas

When carrying out a construction on any sport surfaces, the first thing you do is the groundworks. This also involves making sure the drainage system is set up.

MUGA Pitch Construction

MUGA Pitch Construction

For sports pitch constructions, we lay a dynamic stone sub base. The stones we use are angular, this allows water the drain through and makes it a porous surface.

Building MUGA Sport Surfaces

Building MUGA Sport Surfaces

Multi use games areas are been built all across the UK, this is because they are great for organisations which might not have a lot of room or surfaces because a range of sports can be played in one area.

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Construction of Sports Court MUGAs

The construction of sports court MUGAs in can increase the usage of existing surfaces that aren't currently in use. A multi-use games area is the perfect addition to any school, college, university, sports club or leisure centre in the UK who wishes to play multiple sports on the same surface.

The construction of a multipurpose area often consists of floodlight installation which allows play at night time and during the dark winter months and also lends itself to be rented by outside sources which can generate extra income. There are a number of different surfaces available when constructing a nearby MUGA and this entirely depends upon the sports you are likely to play. These surfaces include:

  • Macadam Surfacing – A general all round surface for multi use games areas made up of open textured tarmacadam with the relevant line markings for different sports.
  • Polymeric Surfacing – A specialised rubber sport surface used for multiple sports, however in particular good for tennis and netball. Available in a range of designs, colours and with various line markings.
  • 2G Artificial Grass – Sand filled / sand dressed synthetic turf surfacing that is perfect for hockey but also lends itself to football, tennis, netball and other sports requiring a shorter pile height carpet.
  • 3G / 4G / 5G Artificial Grass Surfacing – Perfect for football and rugby however can also be used for hockey when constructed with a shorter pile height. An insitu laid rubber shockpad is also optional.

Other types of synthetic grass carpet can also be specified and used for outdoor lawn surfacing if you're looking to create a hassle free environment at home, in a local school or a public space. Feel free to check out this page here - or contact us for more details regarding the costs of different turf specifications.

Multi Use Games Area Installation

Building a MUGA closest to you often consists of a full construction and this involves; excavating the current surface and disposing of materials, preparing the sub base to the correct specification, installing a geotextile membrane to help prevent the growth of weeds, laying a sufficient amount of compacted type MOT and installing base course porous macadam to ensure a stable sub base which meets the recommended tolerances for the multisport surfacing. The MUGA construction often involves erecting a sports rebound fence which is specially designed to withstand the force of impact which occurs within a multi use games area. MUGAs often consist of a 3m high rebound sports fence which has recess goals at either end for football.

Building MUGA Pitch Ball Courts Near Me

The costs of building a multi-use sport area in your surrounding area can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors including, the size and dimensions of the area, the type of surfacing required and the existing surface at present. There is a lot of specialist work and materials required when constructing an all weather surface including, groundworks, surfacing, fencing and lighting. When thinking of building and constructing an all weather area like a multisport facility it is vitally important you select specialists and reliable contractors and suppliers to carry out the installation. Find out more information here - or speak to a specialist today! 

For more information on MUGA construction near me including design, specification and to find how much it costs to build a multisport facility. fill out our contact for today and we will be in touch with some professional MUGA construction advice.

How to Build a MUGA 

If you would like to know how our professionals build multisport facilities, these are the basic steps we follow:

  1. Dig out the current surfacing to the correct levels allowing for sub base materials
  2. Lay a geotextile membrane to install over
  3. Compact the area to the required levels with stone
  4. Install a macadam sub base (or final base if you're looking to have a macadam court)
  5. Install the multisport surfacing of your choice (this could be polymeric, 2G grass or even 3G, 4G and 5G.)
  6. Apply line markings for the sports you wish to play on the multisport facility

Building a multipurpose area can be difficult, which is why our experts are able to construct the facility for you making use of premium materials only. Our installers aim to provide you with the best quality service and reasonable prices. Whether you're looking for a muga for your nearby school, college or nursery we are able to help you find exactly what you're looking for. If you wish to contact us with regards to costs and specifications, please fill in our contact form and we shall get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

MUGA Pitch Installers

We have a number of MUGA pitch installers across the United Kingdom who are able to complete a range of different constuctions ranging from multisports synthetic carpet and 3G artificial turf to macadam and polymeric courts. We have years of experience in the MUGA pitch construction industry and can create the best facilities for professional and recreational use. As professionals in the industry, we can alter our designs and specifications to meet your individual needs and requirements; for example if you've got a low spending budget, our installers can create a smaller facility to keep costs down.

Other MUGA Pitch Services

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