Synthetic Athletics Track in Aldbrough

Synthetic Athletics Track in Aldbrough

The advantages of having a needlepunch athletics track is that you are able to have bright colours, which stand out and are unique to your organisation.

Artificial Needlepunch Surface in Aldbrough

Artificial Needlepunch Surface in Aldbrough

Artificial needlepunch surfaces are not just used for long jumps, they can be used for running events, take off lanes, triple jump runways, javelin runways and high jump events.

Needlepunch Athletic Track in Aldbrough

Needlepunch Athletic Track in Aldbrough

Having a professional athletics track in place can help encourage children to take part in activities that can improve their health and fitness.

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Synthetic Needlepunch Athletics Track in Aldbrough

Installing a synthetic needlepunch athletics track in Aldbrough HU11 4 at schools or athletics clubs is a great alternative surfacing option to the commonly used polymeric rubber surface.

Artifiical turf can offer your running track a unique colourful appearance as well as being an all weather surface and a more cost effective option to the traditional EPDM polymeric running tracks. The multisport synthetic turf runways can be constructed to a variety of lengths and can contain multiple lanes allowing the facility to host many athletic running events including 25 meters sprinting, 50 meters athletics track sprints, 100 meters sprint running fields and many more.

Get in touch with us today if you are interested in finding out more regarding how we can install and supply your flooring. As experts we can talk you through the details that are involved in the application and give indicate to you what might work best. Simply fill in the contact form provided and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as they can. 

Needlepunch Surfacing Near Me

As well as sprinting Needle punch surfacing is also an ideal surfacing option for several other athletic tracks such as long jump take off lanes, triple jump runways, javelin run ups and high jump fans. The colourful artificial grass surfacing comes in a number of different sizes and dimensions with the costs and prices varying depending on the length and number of lanes required. It is possible to have an 8 lane manmade field with the sizes and measurements being 50m x 8m as the artificial carpet comes in 1 meter wide roles and is available in:

  • Red Needlepunch Surface - 4 lane athletics field, size and dimensions 25m x 4m
  • Blue Needlepunch Surfacing - 6 bay artificial fake grass field, length 50 meters, width 6 meters
  • Green Needle Punch Surfaces - 7 runway short pile plastic grass running tracks, 30 meters x 7 meters
  • Yellow Needle Punch Surfacing - 5 track needlepunch sprinting facility size and dimensions 40m x 5m
  • Multi Coloured - 10 lane artificial multisport athletic track, 50m x 10 meters

What is Needle Punch Carpet?

Needle punch carpet is a type of synthetic surface which may be used for a range of sports and activities. Athletics is a popular activity which this multisport synthetic carpet is used for. Needlepunch is a cost effective alternative to EPDM polymeric rubber and is great for school running tracks and long jump facilities. You will find that a lot of schools and nurseries have needlepunch carpet installed, as this is a soft surface type which is available in a number of bright, vibrant colours making it perfect for young children. The synthetic fibres also give the surfacing added grip, making the facility a lot safer for people using the area. We also offer natural surfacing which allows you to improve your flooring using hybrid which can be great for all facilities and properties. 

Multisport Synthetic Carpet Near Me

These synthetic turf athletics running lanes have become especially popular with primary schools around the UK. The artificial grass surface specification option allows local schools to construct multiple running lanes that may be used all year round within their budget. Multi sport synthetic surfacing is a great surface choice for recreational and school sports day competition, it is made from layering short artificial fibres in a single direction to give you a tough and fast playing surface. Other sports facilities such as practise cricket wickets in are often made from the needlepunch turf also so please ask if you'd like more details on these surfaces.

The bright colours also make the facility in Aldbrough HU11 4 aesthetically pleasing surface especially when colours are combined on a track that has numerous lanes. The artificial grass used to surface the athletics running track is usually of a short pile height and filled with sand, this makes the circuit extremely hard wearing and durable allowing many years of use and relatively low maintenance. Make sure you fill in our contact form if you would like a quote to install a manmade athletic circuit or any other type of outdoor facility. One of our experts will give you some more advice on prices for installing these synthetic carpets closest to you.

Artificial Turf Athletic Tracks Surfacing in Aldbrough

Some nearby schools are deciding to install artificial turf athletic track to host multiple athletic events e.g. a several lane 100m sprinting circuit can be constructed with a sand pit at the end of one or two lanes to allow long jump and triple jump to take place in the same area. Other advantages of installing an all weather manmade athletics field is that it allows children and young people to remain clean whilst taking part in athletic events. These can be included as part of an outdoor play area surface in Aldbrough so children can enjoy a range of games and activities. Find out more here to learn how outdoor play areas can work for you. 

Costs and prices of these artificial surfaces vary depending on the size and measurements but may be constructed to meet any space or cost restrictions you may have. If you're interested in receiving a quote or more information regarding needlepunch athletics fields please contact us.

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