Artificial Golf Green

Artificial Golf Green

Synthetic turf is commonly used for recreational golf courses and small putting greens in gardens and parks.

Synthetic Putting Greens

Synthetic Putting Greens

Many domestic gardens have small golf greens installed in synthetic turf to create a fun outdoor activity space which adults and children can enjoy.

Artificial Golf Surfaces

Artificial Golf Surfaces

Schools and clubs can have putting greens created with synthetic grass for younger kids to develop their skills in a recreational area.

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Artificial Golf Putting Green

We can install an artificial golf putting green for commercial and domestic establishments. A great way to improve your short game would be to have a golfing course at your disposal all year round. What better way is there to do this than installing an artificial grass putting green? These can be installed to both domestic and commercial establishments they look great in a private garden and allow you to get vital practice in that could make all the difference when playing in a competition or recreationally with friends.

For more information on the installation of golfing greens, please get in contact with our estimators where we will provide you with a free quotation online. Simply send us photos and an area size and we will be able to assist you with costs, prices and designs.

All Weather Putting Green Near Me

The all weather synthetic turf putting greens may be designed in many different designs and specifications which are only limited by the area at your disposal. You may choose to have 5 holes or even 50 that number is completely up to you and area size at your disposal. It is also possible to install different levels of undulations to really put your putt and pitch game to the test. As with anything the construction of the artificial grass golfing course starts with the groundworks, which may be constructed to any dimensions, measurements and sizes. The sub base is generally built then surfaced in an artificial synthetic turf grass making the surface porous and free draining being that the system is fully SuDS compliant.

For more info or to find out the prices and costs associated with building and artificial grass golfing course, please do not hesitate to contact us. Synthetic turf flooring can also be incorporated into outdoor playground areas at schools and nurseries to create a natural appearance with fewer maintenance requirements than real grass. Remember costs of the golf practice pitch and putt greens isn’t always the cheapest nearby contractor should win the works because it is always advisable to credit check the specialist company who will be supplying your practice golf greens because best value should always be chosen and different installations within the UK could vary from a cheap non UV stable synthetic turf to a superior soft underfoot UV stabilised artificial surface. Feel free to speak to us so we can talk you through each option and give you a quote for your project.

Synthetic Practice Golf Putting Greens

Synthetic grass astroturf surfaces are making appearances in a large number of sports due to their all weather all year round playing characteristics. Golf is no exception to this, local clubs and mini-golf venues have been installing fake grass practice putting greens for a while now however people are beginning to construct practice golf greens at home in their gardens closest to you. Not only does this add a unique feature to your garden or surrounding area, it also allows you to practice your short game at home.

Golf Green Design

The artificial putting greens can be constructed to any design you like and would allow you to match or challenge your talents by installing holes to a variety of difficulty levels. The beauty of installing an all weather astro surface green is that it can be used in all weathers, providing entertainment throughout the year. In summer, the synthetic all weather green closest to you could provide endless laughs and fun at family and friends gathering such as BBQs and parties whilst also remaining useable in the winter and autumn months, allowing you to practice you’re short game for when the golfing season comes back around. We are experienced fake lawn surface suppliers so we can help you create a bespoke design for a golfing course or any other type of outdoor flooring. Click here - to find out more information or speak to our experts today. 

Golf Course Surfaces Near Me

There are a number of different specifications for fake astro turf golfing greens, for example there are a number of synthetic turfs and materials available to surface your golfing green at different costs and prices. Many customers ring to say ‘how much is a practice putting green?’ or ‘how much is artificial grass?’ but this really is dependent on your budget because like anything in life you can buy cheap products or you can decide on superior products and best value is always the decision that should be made when placing an order with a specialist contractor and installer. To find out more details regarding astroturf synthetic grass golfing greens please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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